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St Peter's Anglican Church Bongaree


Prior to St Peter's opening in 1928 occasional church services services were held in the Dance Hall.

On 4th October 1928 tenders were called, at Caboolture, for the building of a church hall on Bribie Island and by Sunday 7th October 1928 The Reverend Dean of Brisbane blessed a 'capping of the stumps' ceremony. By the  27th December 1928 the new church hall was opened at Bongaree by Dr. Sharp (Archbishop of Brisbane) in a dedication ceremony under the auspices of St. John’s Cathedral’s Anglican Church Mission. 

The Rev C. Mills, the rector of Caboolture, instigated the idea of an Anglican place of worship on the Island and with the support of local families, a bazaar was held at Easter 1927 and £61 was raised. The building committee and the fund-raising committee, comprising of long-time resident families, with the help of a loan from the Diocesan Council, soon had the funds for completing the Hall. Voluntary labour cleared and levelled the ground under the supervision of William Shirley. The hall was valued at £1200 on completion.

In the early days the hall was a church only one Sunday a month, the rest of the time it was used as a community hall. Sliding doors hid the chancel and altar when a service wasn’t in progress. From 1948 to 1964 the Tesch family used the Hall as their venue for their picture theatre.

In 2008 St Peter’s Anglican Church was built fronting Banya Street with the Church Hall, now called ‘Cooinda’, standing adjacent.

Written by Lynne Hooper from information sourced from the public domain and the BIHS database.

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