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Short Stories of History and Heritage in Australia, Queensland & Bribie Island

A collection of short articles about the earlier years of Australia, Queensland and Bribie Island that have appeared over the years in the Bribie Islander Magazine.

Compiled by BIHS president, Barry Clark.

Available from: The Bribie Islander

Bribie Island - a handy history

The Handy History booklet tells Bribie's unique history commencing with its indigenous people, first European contact and how Bribie became a Rising Resort with  steamships bringing holiday-makers from Brisbane. 

The booklet can be obtained at Bribie's Seaside Museum and Bongaree Post Office for $10.

"They Answered the Call" published by the Bribie Island Historical Society

This book contains the details of the local people who served during the First World War and the Second World War.

This book can be purchased from the Seaside Museum on Bribie Island for $33.

Describing Bribie Island 1865 to 1965 is published by the Bribie Island Historical Society

"Describing Bribie Island 1865-1965" contains a series of articles, stories, letters and poems, written between the years 1865 and 1965, in which the writer has detailed their Bribie Island experience. 

Articles were selected for their descriptive detail of what Bribie Island looked like at the time the author visited or lived on the island. These first-hand accounts allow the reader to wander back in time and view the island through their eyes. 

This book can be purchased from Bribie's Seaside Museum for $25.

BIHS World War Two Brochure

The brochure gives information concerning Bribie's war time relics.

War changed Bribie from a popular holiday destination to a military installation. Just a few residents remained with some providing essential services to the military and the Civilian Construction Corp.

Fort Bribie and Fort Skirmish were built 1939/41.

The brochure can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

BIHS Brochure 2020

Inside the brochure is a map showing where all the historical plaques and memorials are situated on Bribie.  The brochure also gives information about the Historical Society, contact details, and meeting information.

Brochure can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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