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Catholic Church of The Little Flower


"If anything happens to me, buy me a church".....Flying-Officer Charles Coward

In February 1947 three former army huts, from the northern end of Bribie Island, were placed on a ¼ acre of free-hold land in Nulu Street, Bongaree, a gift from the grieving parents of Flying-Officer Charles Coward, who was killed in action in 1943. In fulfilment of their son’s wishes if anything happens to me, buy me a church the huts were remodelled with one being for the church itself, one for a church hall and the other as a church residence.

On Friday, 2nd January 1948, Catholic Archbishop James Duhig named and dedicated Bribie Island’s Church of the Little Flower [St. Terese of the Infant Jesus] as a memorial to both Charles Coward and his friend, Flight Lieutenant, Virgil Brennan, who had also paid the supreme sacrifice in 1943.

The congregation soon outgrew the little church and an acre of land was purchased across First Avenue, next to the State School and a purpose-built church was dedicated on Sunday, 20th December 1964. The marble tablet, originally placed at the entrance of the church commemorating the memory of Charles Coward and his friend Lt Virgil Brennan, was moved to the new church.

Written by Lynne Hooper from information sourced from the BIHS Database.

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